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Arsenal Midstream - Midstream operations

Our midstream operations are an essential part of our overall strategy of creating shareholder value through targeted growth, coordinated long-term planning and efficient delivery of our natural gas to interstate pipelines.

Future continued development of our midstream infrastructure supports our drilling activity and production growth and affords us more control over our drilling schedule. We believe our ownership of this midstream infrastructure allows us to reduce our costs, promote overall efficiency of operations and increase our rates of return.

We plan to invest in our midstream infrastructure as well as seek out joint venture or commercial third-party arrangements in a combination that provides the best use of our capital and enhances potential returns to our shareholders.

We currently own and operate 32 miles of high-pressure gathering lines with diameters ranging from 4-inch to 24-inch, approximately 16,000 horsepower of leased compression and combined throughput capacity in excess of 235 MMcf/d.

Transportation of our natural gas to highly price advantaged markets, such as TCO Pool, is a key element of our competitive differentiation and a significant focus of our management. We currently meet our natural gas transportation needs through a combination of our owned midstream operations assets and contractual relationships with third-party midstream service providers.

What to do in case of a leak or other pipeline emergency

  1. Leave the area immediately, heading upwind.
  2. Do not touch, breath or make contact with leaking liquids or gases.
  3. Do not light a match, start an engine, use a telephone, operate on/off light switches or do anything that may create a spark.
  4. From a safe location, call 911 or your local emergency response number and the pipeline company. Call collect, if needed, and give your name, telephone number, a description of the leak and its location.
  5. Do not drive into a leak or vapor cloud area.
  6. Do not attempt to stop the leak by operating pipeline equipment.
  7. Warn others if necessary.
  8. Remember, report even a scrape or dent on a pipeline to the pipeline company. If not promptly reported or repaired, it could result in a future leak or serious accident.
  9. Call 911 or local emergency number and then call Arsenal Midstream at 724-940-1100.
  10. Wait for Arsenal Midstream to tell you it is safe to return to your house, building or property.

Call before you dig
Arsenal Midstream Holdings operates underground natural gas pipelines in Harrison, Marion, or Taylor counties, West Virginia. Before you dig, contact your local one-call center at 800-245-4848.